Thursday, June 11, 2009

Maybe I Don't Hate It... Maybe...

I have a standing "I hate Chuck E. Cheese" policy. Emphasis on the 'hate'.

However, I brought the kids for Shane's birthday party last week. This is the third party we've been too at 'the place I hate the most' that has been not awful. Actually, that's not fair. The parties have been really nice. Hmmm... something to think about.

Here are a few pictures from our (dare I say) fun day at Chuck E. Cheese.

K. Grace having a blast

Danny hangin' with the mouse himself... Mr. Chuck E. Cheese.

Matty enjoying every moment...

(I might actually like it there when it's not super-crowded... don't tell my kids!)

Here is a group shot from the party. We love hangin' out with Shane and Antonio and really enjoyed getting to know Gabriel and Allison and hope to spend a lot more time with them soon!

Happy Birthday Shane!!


nicole_dib said...

I think that Sunday mornings are the best time to have fun at Chuck E Cheese!!

Thanks sooo much for coming..We all enjoyed all of you being there!!! Shane and Antonio had a blast playing with the boys and Kirsten!

What a great pic of all the kids, esp. with the cup in Shane's mouth.

I have a slide show on the blog and I will have to e-mail you the pictures with your kiddos!!

Thanks again :)

Hope the boys are feeling better soon so we can play!! If you need anything give me a call!

Pres-tone said...

The cup picture is perfect, that nose is exactly where it need to be-fun, fun!