Wednesday, June 10, 2009

School's Out for Summer!

Summer hit Team Taylor last week and so far we've been soaking up every second of it! Kirsten and I celebrated our first lazy morning with a "Welcome to Summer" breakfast.

Those pancakes are summer shapes, a sun and a fish, and a heart because we love summer!


This summer marks some endings and beginnings for Brian and I. I said goodbye to the BEST little job, with the BEST little kids, in the BEST little school imaginable. This job was such a gift. Truly part of God's plan. The day my dad announced he wanted to retire to watch the boys part time was the same day this job was advertised.

I had the privilege of working at Woodlawn Community Academy as the Speech-Language Specialist for the last two years. I worked 9 hours a week (the PERFECT amount of time!), knew my babies were with the best sitter in town, and made enough money to pay for our medical insurance and bills (which is A LOT for a part time job... but "why I hate Humana" is another post in itself.)

It was very difficult to say goodbye to the teachers and students at Woodlawn. I seriously considered taking a full time position at Woodlawn next year... but the commute is just too far when I'm coming home to three small children... so back to Pinellas County Schools for me. My sweet students always love to see and hear about the twins so we said goodbye at the end of the year family picnic.

Brian also said goodbye to his school. His position has been eliminated and there was a lot of stress over what next year would hold. It looks promising so far (**fingers crossed**). Brian has a position teaching PE (yea!) at a magnet school (yea!) in Tampa (boo!) in a very rough neighborhood (boo!)... so we'll have to see how that works out... but we're thinking positively (and still hoping for a PE position in Pinellas to open up!)

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you're so creative! what a good idea!