Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Dad Is My Hero

...he always has been. My dad is the kind of dad who sat through every twirling and cheerleading exhibition, no matter how many hours long they were. He's the one who knew the name of every one of my friends and could tease them in a way that made them think he was cool. He's the guy who used to sing prayers (at the top of his lungs) while walking up the stairs to my room to say goodnight and who woke me up to the blaring sounds of a "Disco Duck" record.

He's the guy who retired to help take care of his infant grandsons, and who still checks my tires whenever he passes my van in the driveway. He's the guy who decides to be happy. He does it on purpose. That makes everyone around him happier. His love of his family is fierce and to me he'll always be bigger than life. (I love you Dad.)

I LOVE when I see my kids look at their dad that way. That's how it should be. Daddy can protect you from monsters and dragons. He can fix your swing set. He's silly. He's fun. He's the hero of the family. (I love you Brian.)

Today we got to celebrate the everyday heroes in our family. Brian got a precious hour to himself while I took the children to mass with my parents. After church my parents and Brian's parents came over for brunch. Brian and I joke that the kids outnumber us... I LOVE that the grandparents outnumber them. They are so blessed to have FOUR loving, involved grandparents and I love when we can all celebrate together. Our kids are so lucky to have a great dad and TWO great grandpas!!

My friend Tiffany found the cutest dessert idea for Father's Day! Luckily she posted it on her blog yesterday so I had time to copy it! Kirsten loved the idea of "tricking" everyone by serving them hamburgers (made of cupcake and brownies) and fries (made of sugar cookies). It was fun AND yummy!

Then, my girl took her Daddy on a movie date. Kirsten and Brian went to see "UP" in 3D. They had a great time and the boys and I got to rest and clean up.

My pictures for the day are not great. While the photography is not impressive, the memories are :)

Happy Father's Day Dad, Don, and Brian!!


The Fegers said...

That's awesome! I'm so glad you made the little hamburgers and fries! Aren't they so fun!
And I LOVE that last picture.

Summer's Blog said...

ok the hamburgers and fries are awesome, where do you find the time, seriously?

Marcie said...

Ha ha, I don't really have the time... but Kirsten likes to do this stuff... so we do it during her "play time".