Friday, June 12, 2009

Sometimes You Need A Smile...

Today is one of those days. The boys are sick. SICK. It's awful. They are miserable, Brian is also very sick, and I am so ridiculously sleep deprived that I can't even formulate sentences anymore. I'm feeling sorry for myself and need to smile. These pictures not only make me smile... but giggle too. I need that.

These pictures remind me that sometimes "perfect" (a photo or a day) is totally unattainable... but the mess that is our life is still pretty great. Off to count my blessings, pray for better health for my 3 favorite guys, and sleep for more than 15 minutes... if I'm lucky.


nicole_dib said...

Hang in there Marcie! I am praying that everyone gets better soon and that you get much deserved sleep!

I love the pics :)

If you need to vent give me a call anytime!!

jag said...

Hope they're all better real soon hon. HUGS!