Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pool Party!

Last week I took the gang our first summer outing. We joined Tiffany, Dylan, Isaac, Malia, and Noah for a pool party! It was really fun. (Although Noah slept through the entire event!)

Tiffany decided to try a life jacket on Isaac so he could have a little more freedom around the pool.

...Apparently Isaac hates being safe. (Luckily my guys don't mind the jackets... because I'd make them wear them anyway!)

Tiffany told Kirsten that no one can ever stay on their zebra float... challenge extended... challenge accepted.

Anything Kirsten does the boys have to try. Matt only needed a little help.

Danny held on for dear life! ...But he did it too :)

I LOVE this picture of our little fish!

Tiffany broke in her new grill and made hot dogs for everyone. We brought some grapes and cookies to enjoy with our lunch.

Then Danny begged for Tiffany's lunch too... so he had a side of corn on the cob.

So much summer fun in the sun!

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