Thursday, June 25, 2009

"Never, Ever, Ever Say You're Tired..."

The summer Kirsten was turning four we spent a day at Busch Gardens with her friend Kalee and Kalee's mom. On the way home the girls were wiped. I've heard legends of childen that fall asleep in cars when they are tired. Can you imagine? ... I find it hard to believe. Anyway, as we tried to get our sleepy girls to quit bickering, we mentioned how sleepy they looked. That's when Kirsten turned to Kalee and told her (with complete seriousness) "Never, ever, ever say you're tired,".

She has taught her brothers well. Since the cribs have come down the naps are few and far between. Last week after Danny angrily yelled, "NO night night! No nap! No prayers!" I stuck them in their high chairs.

...I'll take a nap however I can get it!


The Fegers said...

You poor thing. good picture. And we didn't go to the beach. We drove and got close, but saw lightning. So we stopped at a park and went home, defeated. AND my camera battery was dead anyway.

Becky said...

Too cute! LOVED IT ALL!

akmommy05 from CM