Sunday, April 5, 2009

Beautiful Beach Day

Last week I packed up the kids and met my friend Tiffany and her two little cuties at the beach. The water is still very cold but we had perfect weather and a beautiful day!

Here is Matt, Isaac, and Danny... my boys will find SOMETHING to climb on no matter where we are! Isaac turned 1 last month but is the same size as Matt and Danny. (He even outweighs them by 2 or three pounds). We were asked if the boys were triplets... can you imagine?

Here is Tiffany and Isaac. Isn't this a great picture?

Here is Kirsten and Dylan. These two have had a lot of practice posing. Can you tell?

Here is Happy Matty. Matt LOVED the water. He was so happy and splashed in the freezing cold water the whole morning. It was really stressing Danny out. Danny did NOT like the cold water and was so upset that Matt wouldn't get out.

This little puddle was Danny's fun water experience for the day :)

Kirsten and Dylan had a lot of fun running around playing with dump trucks in the sand.

Chubby Isaac enjoying his snack. I LOVE his chubby little rolls. It makes me so sad that he is thinning out. Tiffany keep feeding that boy!!!

This is our entire crew. It's really hard to believe they are all ours! We had a great time and can't wait to go back again!


jag said...

Ummm... I CAN imagine! Hehe!

Looks like SOOOO much fun, I would LOVE to do a beach day with you guys soon. How's the new baby?!

Marcie said...

Ha ha.. yes Jenna. I guess you can imagine :) The baby is perfect and beautiful. I can't wait to get all the kids together! I have beach babies for sure... it will be so fun!

nicole_dib said...

Looks like a great time! Hope you had a wonderful spring break and that everyone is feeling better!
We are looking forward to a playdate soon :)

The Fegers said...

Hey, thanks for posting before I do. I have a sickness b/c I get stressed out having too much fun b/c I don't have time to blog all about it! Rediculous I know. You're such a good mom. I didn't know if you would be stressed with one of your boys wanting to be wet and the other wanting (both) to be dry. But you came up to me and said how much fun you were having and you already couldn't wait to go again. You're super-mom.
Then again, you finally have a healthy family, so I'm sure it WAS a good spring break for you guys. Yea, let's go again, but it sounds like it'll be cold this week.