Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Happy Part of Our Weekend

The boys are slowly recovering. Friday and Saturday were the worst days and while they are still not 100% (or even close...) they are on the mend.

As I mentioned in the last post, I was unsure if I was going to make it to the wedding at all. Once I decided to go, I had to pack up two sick toddlers (along with pjs, medicines, comfort items etc.) and give Grammy and Grandpa about 500 instructions. I burst into tears on the way to the beach. I was sleep deprived, worried I was going to be late, and conflicted about leaving my boys. HOWEVER, once I got to the beach everything fell into place. I got a great parking space (which is a BIG deal!) and sat down about 5 minutes before the ceremony began. It was just perfect. The weather was beautiful and it was truly a night of celebration. (I'll be adding more photos in a few days since my mad rush out the door did not include extra batteries for my camera. I'll be stealing photos from Brian's parents this weekend!)

Here is the happy couple... Mr. and Mrs. Taylor!

Kirsten got dressed at the beach with Brian and his family. When the ceremony began she turned to me and whispered "I better get out my hankie in case I cry." I almost burst out laughing.

Kirsten and Aunt Chris had a great time together. I'm just so disappointed that Chris and Tyler didn't get a chance to visit with the twins. They are coming back for Thanksgiving... but I don't think that's soon enough (HINT, HINT Chris!)

Kirsten had a touch of "Flower Girl Envy" (okay... it was a lot more than a touch!)... but Amber made her feel very special. Kirsten was DYING to get a picture with the bride who is now "officially Aunt Amber".

We took a walk on the beach at sunset (well, Brian and I walked... Kirsten and Uncle Jeff did cartwheels) and managed to get a nice photo of the healthy members of our family.

Brian and I even got to spend a few minutes together without anyone climbing on us!

Brian made a great toast at the reception, Kirsten danced until almost midnight, and got to lead the conga line. It was a very fun, beautiful wedding. The weather was PERFECT and my babies slept most of the night so I was able to relax. More photos to come!

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The Fegers said...

You have a crazy fun, not so fun, fun again, funny, sweet, beautiful life (and family - big family).
Isaac is signing "flower" b/c of the flowers on your blog. Noah is starting to whine, he must be done w/ his PB&J.

I LOVE that pic of you and Brian by the way. And the one of Kirsten. I hope your boys get ALL better, for at least 2 months this time:)