Friday, April 3, 2009

The Best Sister AND the Best Cousin

Kirsten is beyond excited to have a new baby cousin. Last Saturday morning Maureen called to tell us she was at the hospital and Luke was on the way. I squealed on the phone and then turned to Kirsten to tell her the good news. I continued to talk to my sister for a few minutes. When I hung up I called to Kirsten (in her room) to see what she was doing. She was getting dressed and putting on her shoes to "go see the baby!". So sweet. She was VERY disappointed when I told her: 1.) It would still be several hours until Luke arrived 2.) Children weren't allowed in the hospital 3.) I would be taking her to Orlando later in the week. Poor girl... talk about a let down!

Well, Thursday I got to keep my promise and take Kirsten to meet her new cousin. Kirsten, Grammy, and I took a "girl's day" and drove to Orlando to visit Maureen, Ryan, and Luke. Ironically, both my mom and I only slept for 2 hours on Wednesday night. Under any other circumstances that would have set us up for a terrible day... but there is way too much joy around this little guy's arrival for a little sleep deprivation to get in the way!

Kirsten is TOTALLY in love with her new cousin!

Kirsten and Luke posing for their pictures. (Take note of his chubby little arms... is there anything cuter??)

Kirsten feeding Luke (I have to give credit to Maureen and Ryan for being very relaxed first time parents. They called while we were still in the car to figure out our arrival time so they could schedule Kirsten for one of Luke's feedings.)

Kirsten and Luke with sleepy smiles... Sure at only 5 days old I'm sure you'll say it's just gas making him smile... but I think it's Kirsten's great snuggle!

At about 7:00 Kirsten and Luke were both worn out. They snuggled up together and called it a night!

...Earlier in the day I did a little photo shoot with Luke. My friend Tiffany does monthly pictures with her boys. She has pictures of her "little" Issac on the same blanket every month for his first year. I just don't know why I didn't do more of that kind of stuff with my boys! I'm kicking myself now... so I'll do it with Little Luke! Here are his April Pictures... 5 days old (Next month I'll take a straight picture... sorry Maureen!)

This little peanut is the most precious thing I've ever seen. He is SO perfect. No wonder Kirsten is so in love... such an angel!

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The Fegers said...

oh those are sweet little pictures. I LOVE that you caught his smile so early! And I pictured little Luke at Bayfront, I knew she was in Orlando, but wasn't thinking. That's so hard, that he's so far away! So cute.