Sunday, April 19, 2009

Operation "Big Boy Beds"

...The original title of this post was "Operation 'Big Boy Beds' Sucks"... but things are slowly getting a little better. As I've mentioned before, my monkeys have been climbing in and out of their cribs for awhile now. Monday I was forced to actually take the cribs apart. Climbing in and out no longer posed a challenge and too many "tricks" were being performed. For safety reasons I had to take the cribs apart which I really, really, really did not want to do.

You can see that Matt is very proud of his new bed.

This is what their new setup looks like. I'm on my third set of bedside safety rails. I keep buying the wrong kind for this type of bed. I finally have some that we think will work and Brian is working on putting them together (no small task!). For the time being, we're relying on foam mats and giant stuffed animals to protect the boys from the tile floor.

I feel like Matt is probably ready for his "big boy bed" but Danny is NOT. Danny gets out of his bed constantly. Sometimes he climbs in bed with Matt, sometimes he runs around the room (either playing or crying), and sometimes he decides to redecorate. This is the room after a 20 minute "rest".

The first night none of us slept AT ALL. Last night the boys woke up twice but went back to sleep quickly. It's been a LONG week. We've had 4:45 am wake up times, 3 am renditions of "Old MacDonald", and a lot of falling out of bed. There are no more naps. None. I miss sleep so much. However, each night seems to get a little better... so maybe we'll get a full night's sleep again someday. (HEY! A girl can dream!)


jag said...

Oh! I hope you get some rest soon! Good luck!

charlottenacole said...

Okay - so things are improving! I still think I will hold off until Santi is climbing out or can no longer physically fit in the crib!! The boys bedroom looks adoraable!!