Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Potty Post

It's been a big week around here! As I wrote about earlier the boys are now out of their cribs; but that wasn't the only milestone we reached this week! BOTH boys successfully used the potty for the first time too!

Do you think Matthew could be any more proud? (I know this picture is blurry but it's SO cute!)

We really aren't "potty training" yet, but we're gearing up for it. The boys have been very aware of when they need to be changed for awhile now. They've been very interested in the potty and all it's mystery. So last week we got an Elmo potty seat and began letting the boys sit on it a few times a day. Their "success" was mostly luck... but they are SO PROUD. It's really cute. I figure we'll just go with this right now and see where it leads. Maybe this summer we'll try to figure out how to use the potty on purpose :)

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charlottenacole said...

Ryan and I have been comtemplating the potty introduction for a while. I was actually at Babies R Us - but could not decide on a seperate potty or the seat attachment for adult toilet. I will have to discuss this more with you before we decide. But, I do think Santi is ready to be introduced to the potty.