Sunday, April 12, 2009

Jellybean Fling!

Yesterday we went to our first Egg Hunt of the season... the Junior League Jellybean Fling. It was so nice... Pictures with the Easter Bunny, egg hunts (divided up by age), Radio Disney music, great food, and perfect weather!

Me and my three sweet bunnies!

Kirsten... posing and hunting for eggs... such a multi-tasker!

The boys grasped the concept of the egg hunt VERY quickly!

On Halloween Brian and I joked that the boys liked to eat each piece of candy as they received it. It is no different with eggs! It was as if they had been challenged to empty each egg before putting it in their baskets. Notice the other kids running around in the background while my boys are eating their candy!

Can you tell that Kirsten is holding eggs under her chin because her bucket is full? Oh! The basket/bucket situation was pretty funny too. Kirsten chose to bring her "bunny basket" that Aunt Maureen and Ryan brought her last year. I picked up some sand pails for the boys to use because I figured they'd get to use them again. Kirsten switched her bunny for a pail in the first two minutes of the hunt because the bunny wasn't "big enough for all the eggs!". That's my girl!

Here is Kirsten with two of the quad-ru-pa-lets. My friend Jenna has the SWEETEST quads you can imagine. Kirsten talks about them all the time and it is so sweet because she slows the word down into a million syllables.

My friends Nicole and Charlotte were at the hunt with their kiddos too. I was disappointed that we didn't get to visit with them much. We were very busy with our little ones in the beginning and then the boys hit the "no nap/sugar high wall". This is what that looks like.

Overall it was still a great day! We should have our bunny picture soon... I'll update when it comes!

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