Saturday, April 4, 2009

Better Him Then Me!

Last night I ran out to the store after all the kids were in bed. When I came home Brian was laughing telling me I wouldn't believe what had happened. Both boys went to sleep nicely. After about 30 minutes Danny started crying really hard. Brian went down to see what was wrong. His diaper was dry and he didn't want a drink or his blanket. He was very upset and couldn't be consoled. Brian went to Matt's crib to check on him and HE WASN'T THERE.

So Brian starts to look for him and can't find him. This is apparently why Danny was so upset. The boys cannot open the door to their room. (The knob is too high AND the door sticks.) So, Brian said he wasn't worried... just confused. I would have been screaming like a maniac. I know I would have been hysterical.

After a few (long) moments Brian found him snuggled down between these two giant puppies in the corner of the room.
The puppies fill up a corner of their room and are very close together... He was pretty much under the puppies sound asleep. Danny went to sleep as soon as he saw Matt was okay. I'm REALLY glad that Brian was the one who had to experience this... now if it happens again I'll know where to look and (maybe) won't start screaming right away.


Pres-tone said...

This is a good "look back and laugh" story, but freak out in the moment.

The Fegers said...

Good title. So sad, and sweet, and funny, and with a silly happy ending!