Monday, May 4, 2009

Scientist in the Making

Kirsten is very impressed that Brian teaches science to "TEENAGERS". I've been excluded from more than one family conversation by being told "me and Daddy are scientists..." so basically "be quiet Mommy." I wonder why Daddy "the scientist" wasn't in charge of helping Kirsten with her project... hmmm...

Kirsten had her first science project due today. It was really cute to see how excited she was about her "FIRST project!". She had to choose an animal and present information on how the animal's habitat supports different aspects of it's life. Kirsten chose about 30 different animals. It was a very arduous process to narrow down the animals to just one. The winner? The Humpback Whale! (I now know A LOT about Humpback Whales.)

The process of working on the project with Kirsten was really fun. She was very excited to work on each new part (except the 'write the report in nice handwriting' part). The timing could have been better... Kirsten brought her assignment home last Friday. We had Greg's Rehearsal Dinner and Wedding, a First Communion retreat, the twins were VERY sick, Kirsten was extremely worn out after spending the weekend at the beach, we had Brownies, Gymnastics, and Kirsten's 2.5 hour Communion rehersal, and the First Communion ceremony and party. BUT we got it all done and she did a great job!

Here is the little scientist hard at work!

While Kirsten worked on science the boys worked on Math! They needed something very interesting to keep their attention while I helped Kirsten in the afternoons (remember my kids don't sleep!). I set them up with some different sensory tubs. This day they were working with tubs (bowls) of rice. They got to practice lots of pre-k math concepts like pouring, filling, emptying, and measuring.

If you look closely you can see Matt also got to practice cleaning up... a very important skill to learn!

...And the finished project!

So if you'd like any information on Humpback Whales... their breeding grounds, migration patterns, predators, methods of cooperative feeding please let Kirsten (or her very tired mom) know!

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Pres-tone said...

Looks great, Allison's project for fourth grade wasn't so much fun ;( Where did we go wrong?