Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Better...But Still Sick

My sweet boys are still recovering. The sinus infections are FINALLY better. (Thank God!) This is the first time in MONTHS that the boys have NO runny nose, they are not snoring, they are breathing good etc. It would be a lovely change...

IF it were not replaced with severe reactions to the antibiotics. Right now we are fighting vomiting, heartbreaking rashes, and what is happening in the Huggies in this household is unmentionable. We missed an awesome birthday party, our weekly music classes, and a couple of playdates. I've changed more sheets and given more baths in the last week than I could possibly count. Sleep is just a distant memory... maybe it's more of a fantasy...

It's so hard to see my boys sick. I pray that they will be better soon. I'm a little concerned about their weights right now. They just can't keep anything down... and they don't have any lbs to spare! (Unlike their Mommy :)

...But we're making progress... it's slow... but hopefully in another week or two we'll be able to declare them healthy. Thanks again for the prayers and concern!

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