Saturday, February 28, 2009

Dear Dimples,

You are becoming QUITE the mischievous little charmer these days. You have the BIGGEST, cheesiest grin that you flash the moment you get into trouble. You are so sweet, so funny, and such an adorable little handful!

Kirsten named you and Danny the “wild monkeys” when you were about a year old. You have taken this idea to a whole new level this month. You have totally mastered climbing out of your crib and you do it approximately 50 times a night. The good news is, right now you don’t have any interest in getting OUT of the crib… you just want to get IN to Danny’s crib (and then back into your crib, and then back into Danny’s crib, and then back into your crib… you get the idea). You also taught Danny to do this. (First by modeling, then by cheering him on, and finally by giving him a “boost” and pushing him over the bars). Your upper body strength is a little freakish. Daddy and I laugh as you do pull-ups into your highchair every night.

You love going to the playground and flirt with all the little girls we meet there. You really “conquered” the playground this month. You are able to climb up all the ladders and steps and you LOVE to go down the big slides.

You’ve been sick a lot lately. It’s been pretty miserable… but it does give us time to bond. (Especially at 4 am when you try to shove Danny out of my lap yelling “MINE! Mama mine!”)

You love Daddy’s guitar and your blankie. We’ve somehow created a new bedtime ritual. When I bring you and Danny down to bed you both get kisses and tucked in but you MUST have the last “Mommy snuggle”. I cannot leave the room until I’ve held you next to your bed with your little head on my shoulder for a few moments. (I can NOT go back to say goodnight to Danny after this snuggle or it doesn’t count and we have to do it again… not that I’m complaining ;)

You’ll do anything for a laugh, you love to reprimand your brother, and you have 7 of the most adorable freckles I’ve ever seen on your nose. You love the bath and tangerines. You dance all the time. It’s really funny… if there is music… you are rockin’ out. You are “all boy” and you fill my life with happiness.

I love you every second of every day,

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