Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Hat Trick

... I can't believe I didn't see it coming... really... rookie mistake. First, both of the boys were sick before the surgery. The next week Matt got sick. Then Danny got sick. Then BOTH boys were sick. Now they have been healthy for almost a week. Things have been normal around here. (Of course, "normal" still involves the boys waking up at 1:30 and 4:00 am every single night... but these are just the bad habits we established while they were sick. They'll stop this eventually... right?) Nine doctors appointments and eight prescriptions for the boys in the last 30 days. All the while Kirsten has been flying under the radar... healthy and happy. I should have seen it coming.

Saturday Kirsten was "not herself". Sunday she was "under the weather". By Monday she was sick. She stayed home from school Monday and Tuesday. I attempted to send her to school today and was called to pick her up at 8:47 am. We went straight to the doctor where she was diagnosed with Croup (I HATE croup... they get SO SO SO sick with croup!)... AND Influenza B. Croup AND the flu!!! I didn't know that was possible! (According to Web MD it's not unusual... but it should be.)

So my poor girl is quite sick. And here's the kicker... the doctor said it would be "virtually impossible" for the boys to escape these illnesses. So I'm praying... I have a lot of time to pray because I'm up with Kirsten all night long while she struggles to breathe... but I'm expecting to have 3 sick kids by next week.

LUCKILY I gave up complaining for Lent! (This has all just been the sharing of facts people! I have not yet complained! ...Not even about the 2.5 hours of sleep I've gotton each of the last 3 nights.) So I am focusing on the positive.

Here is my list of the positive:
-We have wonderful doctors who always fit us in if we need to be seen
-All the illnesses we have encountered are treatable and short term.
-We have a wonderful support system. Grandpa is working triple time helping out.
-Brian and I are both able to take off work to care for our children when we have too. It's inconvienient but it's possible
-Sick children only want Mommy. This is hard but it is a very precious fact. They are my babies and they KNOW I will do anything I possibly can to take care of them.

Who needs to complain? This 40 days is going to fly!

So... because I want to focus on the positive and remember the sweet moments... here is what it's like to be home with my little girl when she is sick.

Don't you wear a swimsuit when your sick? No? That seems strange. It had hearts on it... very appropriate for February.

Kirsten was SO happy when I suggested we photograph the different hairstyles we gave her doll-head. It was precious.
On a day she was so miserable it took so little to make her smile.

...So just 39 days until I can tell you how I REALLY feel about this ;) Hopefully by then my kids will be healthy!


jag said...

Okay, I'm not laughing that she's sick. That actually makes me very sad. You, on the other hand, make me laugh. And I needed that. So, thank you. Also, does the line, "photograph the doll head," sound strange to you too? Love to you all. Praying the boys don't get it.

Marcie said...

I'm glad I could make you smile :) And yes "photograph the doll head" is a wierd sentence... but that's what we did... which is also wierd. Is there another way to phrase it lol? Thanks for the prayers and love!

nicole_dib said...

Hang in there..! I can't believe she's sick. I too hate the croup!! ( I'm shocked the oldest child got it..for some reason I associate the croup with babies/toddlers) Tell her to get well soon and not to kiss her brothers for a while.
Antonio was disappointed when we got your message about not being able to play on Sunday. I told him as soon as everyone is healthy, we will get together! He said, "I know mom... I hope they get well soon!"

Talk to you soon,

Marcie said...

He's so sweet :) I'm glad we didn't push it Sunday because she is REALLY sick (poor girl). Croup is most common with babies but apparently there are some people with "compromised respiratory systems" who will always get it. Lucky us. Thanks for the well wishes. I hope we can get together soon!

charlottenacole said...

Hey Marcie! Sorry I never got back to you last week! I have been so busy at work that when I get home I am exhausted. We just had report cards and AIPs due Friday. So I of course was scrambling at last minute. Last minute work is the best! I left my cellphone at work yesterday or it is just lost. So give me a call. Ryan's parents are coming in Sunday night and we are tiling our kitchen backsplash today. But give me a call and let's get together!