Sunday, February 22, 2009

I CAN'T WAIT to be an aunt!

My nephew should be making his arrival in about five weeks and I CAN'T wait! I am so excited to have a new baby in the family. I have warned Maureen that I plan to be very obnoxious with the little guy. I am going to scoop him up and I don't plan to share the cuddle time. She laughs... I don't think she realizes how serious I am. I can't wait to smell the new baby smell, to snuggle new baby cheeks, and to rock a sweet baby boy who isn't spending the entire time trying to get away.

The newborn weeks/months are hard. As a new mom I was in such a haze of worrying, feeding, changing, worrying, not sleeping, worrying... that I didn't realize how fast it was passing. I was thrilled to have my boys... but I didn't FULLY appreciate how precious it is to have a tiny newborn in my arms. I CAN'T wait to have a tiny newborn in my arms again! (...AND I won't have to stay up with him all night so... SCORE!)

We had Maureen's shower on Saturday. It was so much fun. She got EVERYTHING she could possibly need for this little guy! It was great!

Maureen doesn't love having her picture taken and there were about 15 cameras trying to get this adorable shot. She didn't fully appreciate it Saturday... I bet she will when he's big enough to run away from her.

Baby love.

Doesn't she have the CUTEST baby bump?? I am so jealous. I have big time belly envy. I always imagined how cool it would be to have an adorable baby bump like this... The kind that looks like a basketball under your shirt. She looks soooo cute! I did not. We'll blame it on the fact that there were two little people squished in there... but my bump was not cute and round... it took up two-thirds of my body. Not cute.

Here is my giant... not so adorable baby bump. Not a great picture because I knew how not-cute it was... but now when I look at it I smile (but I'm still jealous of Maureen's!).

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jag said...

Major SCORE! I was just at Babies R Us today and there was a 9 day old there! She was SOOOOOO precious and I found myself floored at how BIG my babies are. Very happy for your sis and can't wait for pics when he arrives. FYI, your bump was ADORABLE!