Monday, February 2, 2009

Danny's Turn

This "simple" "easy" "nothing" surgery is going to be the death of me. Danny was at the pediatrition today and will be going to the ENT tomorrow morning. He isn't sleeping, is screaming in pain, won't let me put him down (seriously... not even for a second!), won't sleep, won't eat, etc., etc. His nose has been bleeding for 2 days and he is just sick and in pain. It's so awful.

I called the ENT this morning and they wouldn't give us an appt. until tomorrow. I felt like he needed to be seen asap so I took him to the pediatrition. They were very nice and said it is probably post-op pain but they don't really know what's wrong. They did give us some pain meds though so hopefully my little guy will get some rest and we'll have some answers tomorrow.

My heart just breaks for my little guys. There is nothing worse than seeing your child in pain :(


nicole_dib said...

I'm glad your pediatrician saw him. I'm sorry that this "easy" procedure has been soo painful for both of them. Hope all goes well tomorrow at the ENT.

P.S. we had a lot of fun during the superbowl.

Call if we can do anything.. and hang in there mom..

Marcie said...

Thanks Nicole! We had fun too :) I needed some fun before the "late shift" which turned into the "early shift" with poor Danny.

Pres-tone said...

Booo, Murphy's Law! This sucks, hopefully it'll be over soon and they'll get back to normal.