Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Perfect Morning

I decided to bring along the camera today during our morning jog (notice how I made it sound like we do this every morning? Haha... sometimes I'm a good writer ;)

So the weather was PERFECT and the boys settled into the stroller as I jogged along the water. The first few minutes were so cute. Danny got a lot of attention from other excercisers as he yelled "Yea Mommy! Go Mommy Go!" It was really funny and cute (and probably gives away what a rare occassion this was). After a few minutes the boys started to get restless. With my little monkeys that looks like this:

Can you tell from that photo that they've both wiggled out of their seatbelts and swtiched seats? Well they have.

So I decided to let the boys out for "a minute" (HA HA HA HA!!!!) to look for manatees. We saw two! (But the pictures didn't come out.)

Here is Danny saying "Cheese!"

Then the boys decided it was their turn to jog. I like this picture because you can see the empty stroller I'm pushing behind them :)

The boys stopped to inspect every tree we passed.

We passed A LOT of trees!

Matty D and his dimples :) ...You don't expect me to make a post without showing off the dimples do you??

After all our strenuous excercise :) we decided to stop at the playground for awhile



...Such a perfect morning!


nicole_dib said...

Looks like a perfect morning :)
I do have to say that I think you are very brave to let them run... Shane would have run right for the water.

They are growing up tooo fast!!

Looks like they are feeling better, is everything all cleared up?

Marcie said...

Slowly but surely. We have 8 more days of meds. Their stomachs are still touch-and-go... but they are adjusting (finally!). I'm seeing glimpses of my boys again! I hope we can get together soon!

nicole_dib said...

Glad they are on the mend! Yes, Antonio is looking at their pics now and asking--- (rather I should say beggin..) to get together! You let us know when they are ready. Maybe even the park on Sunday afternoon? Just let us know.

(And about the next post... I agree.. Boys are sooo rough and tumble! Looks like the brownies made it better!! (I can't believe that was from the little, safe, slide!)

Marcie said...

We'll touch base with you Sat evening and see how the boys are doing. Sunday sounds good now! (but it's hard to plan these days :) I'll call you!

Pres-tone said...

I always think that the boys look like you, but the one that is standing alone and biting his lower lip and showing the dimples- that looks like Brian. The bangs are getting a little long, they look like little skater dudes:)

Marcie said...

No one ever says they look like me! The hair is crazy long... I almost didn't post that one b/c I was embaressed... they HATE haircuts and I didn't want to put them through it while they were sick. We're having it cut next week the day we finish the meds lol!