Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Sweet Daniel,

I can't BELIEVE how big you are getting. You are no longer a baby... but officially a little boy. In fact, your new favorite game is to play "baby". You like me to rock you in my arms while you pretend to sleep. I whisper "Look at my sweet baby..." and then you jump up giggling and cheering as we say "He's a big boy!!". You find this hilarious and we do it over, and over, and over.

You LOVE birds. You had so much fun waving and greeting each bird we saw in the atrium at the zoo. You also repeated the names of almost every animal we saw and called "Hi 'roo!" about a dozen times to the kangaroos.

You like to look at books, play Daddy's harmonica, and stick Craisins in your ears. When you hear music you often dance but you ALWAYS nod your head to the beat (with a very serious look on your face). It is so cute! You LOVE shoes and socks and you like to annoy Matt by pulling his socks off his feet.

You love slides, which you call "weees" (because when you go down it you yell "weeee!!"). You also love making funny faces and HATE, HATE, HATE haircuts. You renamed Grammy "Mimi" this month. We're not sure why but you started calling Grammy "Mimi", Matt followed your lead, and Mimi melted at the adorableness :)

You are talking SO much. I just love to listen to your sweet little voice. Especially when you see me across the room and say "Hi Mama!" two or three times while running over to give me a hug. That is the BEST.

I love you so, so much. You, my precious boy, are everything to me.

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