Saturday, February 28, 2009

My Precious Girl,

You are so full of life. I watch you sometimes and I am amazed at how present you are in each moment of your little life. You laugh harder, run faster, and imagine more than I ever knew was possible.

You make me LAUGH, little girl! You enjoy DVDs and you have totally bought into the movie rating system. When you see a movie you are interested in that has a PG-13 rating (such as Spiderman) you quickly declare it "inappropriate" and lament on the choices of your classmates who have seen that film.

You love being a Brownie and really enjoyed selling cookies this month. You declare it "no fair" when I polish my nails without polishing yours, you love to talk about the braces you will someday need, and deciding if you should be "Mommy's Girl" or "Daddy's Girl" each day.

You've been sick recently and you let everyone know you hate having a "clunky throat". You've been sweet and cuddly and thanked me for "taking care" of you.

You are doing awesome in school and were put in a math enrichment program last month. You like to play teacher and your brothers are always willing students.

Recently a plumber opened an access panel in your closet to get into the wall. Daddy made a joke about goblins living in there and you were NOT amused. As old and mature as you seem these days, you are still our little girl (who is now afraid of goblins).

You are the little girl I've been dreaming of since I was a little girl. You are the answer to my prayers. I love you more than you could ever, possibly know.

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