Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Is it too late to trade them in for girls?

Don't get me wrong I LOVE having little boys. I LOVE it. I never pictured myself with boys but I enjoy it so much. However... I'm not sure if I'm cut out for this. Kirsten is a VERY active child. She never stops moving... she climbs, she flips, she's great at sports (rememeber she doesn't have any of my genes). BUT these boys! They are constantly climbing, nose-diving off furniture, and figuring out new trouble to get into.

You remember Danny's black eye from last month right? Well, now it's Matt's turn.

He decided to go down the slide head-first and tumbled over the side landing right on his FACE. (No, not the big slide at the park... I was "ready" then. This is the tiny, baby slide on the porch.) He had a bloody nose, fat lip (which produced a lot of blood in his mouth!!), and scraped up face! My poor, poor baby.

Yes. His face is covered with tears, blood, and brownie. In THIS house when you bleed you get to eat brownies while Mommy cries.


Colleen said...

Twin boys...they are bound for trouble! If it makes you feel any better, I had three boys and then my daughter, and she is more "troublesome" than any of them ever were. I guess it's personality more than gender :)

Pres-tone said...

He looks like he took it very well, the brownie probably helped the most!

Sarah said...

He is so darn cute...and doesn't look like he minds the blood and guts too much! I have one son who has had stitches on his face 4, yes 4, times! I told him he better find a girl who likes scars someday!