Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Kirsten's First Date

Last Friday Kirsten went on her very first date. I know 7 is a little young to start dating, but she was so excited and her date clearly adored her. I knew she's be well taken care of.

Brian took Kirsten to the Girl Scout Sweetheart Dance. She was so, so excited about "the prom" (ADORABLE!) I've been delaying this post because I wanted to add the picture of my dad and I at my first Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance... but who knows when that will happen. (I'm going to try to add it in soon though...)

Grammy took Kirsten for a manicure earlier in the week. After all, who goes to the prom without professionally painted nails?

Matt helped Brian to get ready for the big night.

Kirsten was thrilled with her corsage. She was SO excited about it. (On a funny side note, Brian said while she was dancing she was throwing her arms around so much that it literally fell apart and flew across the room.)

...If only I could make sure that all Kirsten's future suitors would adore her this much...

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jag said...

Well, if that doesn't bring tears to your eyes, I don't know what will!