Tuesday, July 7, 2009

All American Fun

Every year my parents host a huge July 4th barbecue. We had a really good time (even though we didn't get to meet up with our friends at the beach for fireworks like I'd hoped.)

Here is our July fourth family photo! (I love alliteration.)

...Me and my best girls :) I was so happy that Sarah and Kyle took a break from all their "cool" parties to hang out with us and do the family thing.

...Danny practicing his sharing skills with Grandpa Don.

Grandpa's Guy

I love, love, love this picture. LOVE it.

When we decided to nix the beach fireworks Brian broke out some sparklers and fireworks in the yard. (No... it wasn't dark yet. The reason we didn't go out to the beach is that the kids were falling asleep in the yard from exhaustion.)

I love this "meeting of the minds" photo.

My All American Beauty

...Told you they were tired!

...And a blast from the past! This is the July 4th picnic two years ago.

(Notice that the twins were smaller than the beer bottles. Appropriate? Maybe not. Funny? Definitely.)

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