Wednesday, July 29, 2009


We just got back from our family vacation to Orlando. We are exhausted and tan (well, at least Kirsten is... I'm pink). It was a really fun trip. The packing and planning was intense and I came home with no voice and serious sleep deprivation... but it was worth every minute :)

In addition to the Ward/Taylor crew the Maloneys were with us as well. I'm very bummed that I didn't get a picture of the whole group. Kirsten had a wonderful time with Erin and Brenna. They are such beautiful, sweet girls. ...And Danny had a great time taunting and chasing Uncle John. Good times.

There wasn't much rest... I think this may have been the only restful moment of the week. It's good I have proof that at least once I had a sleepy child :)

I snuck in a nap Sunday afternoon while my little ones sang "Rain, rain go away" 500 times.

When the sun came back out, so did the dimples.

We had a great time visiting with Baby Luke. Since we've been home Danny keeps asking "Where Baby Luke? Baby Luke? Baby Luke and Maureen?". My crazy ones sure love that baby!

Grandpa is so funny

I like this shot of me and my wild ones. They are so silly. This was during one of our many trips to the resort's playcenter.

This playcenter was awesome. It was very, very clean and very well run. The big kids were measured when the arrived and had to be under 52 inches to play. It was never too crowded or too wild.

As always, Kirsten was a great help with the boys. She was very helpful during the first run-through... after that the boys were off on their own!

Kirsten showed off her karaoke skills in a poolside contest

Her cheering section got a little rowdy ;)

Here are a few more pictures of our poolside fun!

...And my favorite picture of the week. I snapped this picture of my view pushing the stroller. My sweet boys love each other so much. It makes my heart smile.

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