Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rainy Day Fun

Living in the Sunshine State we are quite stumpted by rainy days. Last week Charlotte and Santi, along with Nicole, Shane, and Antonio, came over for a rainy day playdate.

The boys made the best of their day playing cars, dancing, chasing each other, and enjoying an indoor picnic.

(My little house was quite busy with five energetic little boys... a group shot was NOT going to happen!)


Pres-tone said...

The rain is a serious problem this year, I think July is going to prove much more Florida-y

jag said...

Sounds like fun. Okay, now imagine your house with my 4 there too. You can't escape us much longer. As soon as these little boogers are walkin' we're visitin!

Keith and Jamie said...

What a Great the pics! Popped over from the MoMs blog!!!