Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pure Sweetness

That is how I think of you, my sweet Matty, sweetness personified. You are full of dimples and delight and I love you so.

This month you seem to have become even more affectionate. You've always loved to snuggle but now when I hug you, you stretch your tiny arms around me and squeeze back. To say you melt my heart is a major understatement.

You've always been "Daddy's boy" and if I ask you if you are "Mommy's baby" in his presence you insist, "No mama. No mama baby. DADDY." BUT when he's not around you cuddle into my lap, touch my face, and say "My mama." I'll take it.

In addition to being my sweetness, you are also my water baby. You LOVE the water. You love to go to the beach, jump into the pool, and push in everyone sitting on the edge. You still love to sing and dance and you are starting to really enjoy books. I love when you chose one of your favorites (often one that has musical buttons) and climb into my lap.

You and your brother talk so much now. It's really amazing to watch your language develop. Your favorite songs are "The Wheels On the Bus", "Row, Row, Row Your Boat", and "Old MacDonald" (or "Eee Aye Oh with a duck" as you like to call it).

You love to play with blocks and build some very impressive structures. Whenever anyone asks you what your building you say "Mamma's house". The moment Danny glances in your direction you start yelling "NO! Danny no!" but it never does any good. He can't resist knocking down your houses and happily puts himself in timeout afterwards. Although, you get him back by taking his pool toys (which he is very serious about) and flinging them as far across the pool as you can.

I'm enjoying watching the relationship between you two build so much. I love the way you call for him, "Da-eee". You woke up from your nap before Danny recently and kept asking for him. I told you we were going to go play and let Danny rest, to which you replied "Oh no!" with the most broken-hearted look. You continued to call for Danny every 2 or 3 minutes and finally decided to 'make a break for it' and run to the stairway screaming "Da-eee! Da-eee! Up! Please Up!". Slightly frustrating. Incredibly endearing.

You've learned to open the refrigerator, which has led to some interesting snacks. You often help yourself to some cheese, a tub of sour cream, or an entire tomato. How you are still so tiny I'll never understand. You NEVER stop eating.

We have been potty training this month and you've become quite accustomed to walking around without pants on. In fact, you often downright refuse to get dressed. However, you like to wear shoes. So it is not at all uncommon for someone to drop by the house and find you wearing nothing but sandals.

You make me laugh so often. Daddy accidentally called you by the wrong name yesterday and you turned to him, rolled your eyes, pointed to your chest and growled and said, "MATT. Dada me Matt." So funny.

Thank you for bringing joy to my life every single day. You are my sweetness and my love.


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