Thursday, July 30, 2009

...So if Matthew is My Sweetness, What Does That Make You Daniel? laughter. You are such a funny, strong-willed little boy. It's interesting, that while Matt is your twin, you and Kirsten seem to be the kindred spirits. You both have more energy, more opinions, and get into more predicaments than I ever imagined possible... but, oh how you make me laugh!

And while everyone says you are "all Taylor" and look "just like Daddy" this month you made it clear that you've got some Mommy in you as well. Everyday I get to greet a new freckle on your nose and you never stop talking. You use full 4word sentences and new words all the time. Usually to tell me exactly what you want me to do.

Me: Danny would you like a banana?
You: No Mamma... no banana. I want plum.
Me: You want a plum? (I had no idea you knew that word)
You: Yes Mamma. Plum. I like plum. No banana mama. NO banana! PLUM PLEASE!

You are constanly calling, "Mama, come here" in a sing-songy voice, but whenever I call you, you answer "One minute. One minute Mama okay? Okay one minute?"

You love to pretend you are talking on the phone and toy phones have become completely unacceptable. You grab any (real) phone you can find and have entire conversations. "Hello? Hello Mimi. Hello Grandpa. No. No Grandpa. Hello? Bye bye." Repeat. Over and over and over.

I've been trying to teach you and Matt to share for several months now and we have a little system that really works great. We all count to 6 (I don't know why it's 6 it just is) and then declare "Time to share!". It works every time. I don't know why but it's the best made-up parenting technique I've come up with yet. Anyway, you've really taken it to heart and if Daddy tries to keep his cell phone out of your reach you calmly begin counting, "One, Five, Six... Time to Share! SHARE Dada!!"

While we were on vacation your cousin Erin babysat with Brenna one night. After Kirsten and Matt were asleep they turned off all the lights and handed you their cell phones. They said you spent 45 minutes with a phone in each ear chatting away until you fell asleep. (Obviously not ALL Taylor :)

You love to sing in Kirsten's karaoke machine and get very annoyed when she won't let you use the loudest microphone. You think it's hilarious to pretend to bite me and to run away from me when I'm trying to get you dressed. After your bath each night I wrap you in a towel and spend a moment snuggling you and singing a sweet little song in your ear ("The Best Baby in the World"). I've been doing this since you were just a few months old. This month you've began singing along with me. You sing LOUD. It is so funny to hear you belt out this sweet, soft lullaby in your crazy toddler voice.

You are so funny and so adorable. You are growing up much too fast. I can't believe what a little boy you are now. Where did my baby go?

I love you so much, little buddy. More than you'll ever be able to imagine.


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