Friday, July 31, 2009

K. Love

This is your newest nickname. I've been calling you this quite a bit recently and your brothers have quickly picked up on it. Danny is often found outside your bedroom door yelling, "K. Love! K. Love! Home, K. Love?"

You turned eight this month, something I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around. Eight is big. It's the age of reason and accountability, the beginning of "middle childhood", and a 'tween. I feel like you are on the brink. You are examining things and figuring them out... teetering between intellect and innocence. For example, last week we had a very serious discussion about God. You told me that when you pray, you aren't sure if God is "really talking" back to you or if it is your imagination. We had a long talk about listening to your conscience and being quiet and faithful. At the end of our very serious discussion you told me, with twinkling eyes, that you think God is telling you to ask for some ice cream. I love you so much.

You and Daddy have enjoyed many summertime slurpees over the past few weeks, a new treat and a new little ritual for you two to share. Daddy and I take great delight when you pronounce them as "shooshies". At first I think it was a legitimate mispronunciation and we so love these last "baby" moments. Now you seem to be humoring us each time you say it. Whatever, we'll still take it :)

Your joy and kindness is infectious. You took every bit as much delight in the birthdays of Daddy and I as you did in your own. Each day was met with a before dawn wake-up call because you can't sleep when you're excited. You squeal and jump up and down when others open gifts and make every moment more special. You pray for Sarah each morning and each night and used your birthday wish to hope she would "get better and not be scared,". You're already trying to grow your hair for a wig donation again and you keep offering it to Sarah. It is so, so precious.

You can't wait to start third grade and you are thrilled with the idea that the boys will be attending "baby school". You've enjoyed every moment of being outside this summer and make sure that I plan "something fun" for us to do each day. You can't get enough of the water and have really developed your swimming skills this summer. You are obsessed with the weather channel and can sing karaoke like a little rock star.

While you are "too big for princesses" you are not to big to cuddle in my lap and demand "rubbies". I hope you always feel and know my love for you, sweet girl. Sometimes I feel guilty that I don't really know what I'm doing as a parent... I feel like my motto is "Fake it until you make it,". I'm learning as I go with you and I pray for patience and guidance each night. Please know that every word I speak to you and every breath I take is filled with my unconditional love for you.

You, my sweet K. Love, are everything to me. I adore you always.


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