Thursday, July 30, 2009

Our Chunky Monkey

There is nothing cuter that a chubby baby. I love it. I love the rolls of fat. I love the gigantic cheeks and thighs. Until recently Isaac was my favorite "little" guy. But then Tiffany let him become a toddler and he started thinning out. It was very, very sad.

Luckily, Luke has taken his place... And has he ever! My "little" nephew is four months old and a whopping 17+ lbs!! My boys weighed 16 lbs on their first birthdays! There is no danger of this chunky monkey winding up in the first percentile on growth charts like all his cousins!

As Chelsea Handler (my favorite late night talk show host) would say, "Now, I will leave you with 'Fat Baby'!"

**FYI: The pictures do NOT do him justice. He is wayyyyyy squishier in person :)

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