Saturday, July 18, 2009

Party Like A Rock Star

Since eight year olds are "too old for princesses" (how sad is that??), Kirsten celebrated her birthday with a Disney Rock N' Roll party. It was the perfect way to combine Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, and High School Musical into one group!

The girls started their celebration with a toast of pink Sprite. Cheers!

The girls each had a rock 'n roll makeover (which they LOVED). They covered themselves with body glitter and lip gloss, were given manicures by Grammy, and had their hair colored pink, purple, and blue.

Danny LOVED watching the hair coloring. He kept saying "Me too! Me too hair!" It was so cute :)

After his coloring one of the girls gave him a "Baby Hawk". ...Nothing says happy birthday like a blue Mohawk!

The girls came up with some very unique costumes and performed a show for us using Kirsten's new karaoke machine.

For weeks Kirsten has been talking about a Jonas Brothers cake. However, when she saw this Hannah Montana cake at Publix she was sold. It was so cute and so delicious.

Because I'm a little neurotic and because the main ingredient in the hair color is propane I had all the girls help Kirsten blow out her candles and made them all stay far away from the fire.

Kirsten's friend Haylie stayed for awhile after the party. I love Haylie. She is so so sweet. I like all the little girls that Kirsten is friends with but Haylie is the PERFECT match for Kirsten. She is very calm and patient. She brings out the best in Kirsten. I just love when they spend time together!

I also love this photo of the sweet, snuggling that went on at the after-party.


charlottenacole said...

TOO cool!! What an awesome idea for a party. Did you do all those cool decorations yourself? Well done if you did. I love the makeovers followed by the concert. If I ever have a daughter I will total copy your party idea.

PS- How are the pet ducks? I still giggle when I think about them nipping at the toes.

jag said...

Happy birthday Kirsten! SUCH a rad party! LOVE IT!