Friday, July 31, 2009

Finally! Our Friday Fun

At the end of July I declared to everyone I know that I would be at the beach every Friday morning for the rest of the summer. "The more the merrier! We'll be there so feel free to join us!" Except we never made it. Kirsten got sick, the boys had shots, there were swim meets, vacation, and rainy days. Yesterday I realized I only have TWO more Fridays of my summer left. (That does NOT make me happy.) BUT today we finally made it to the beach with a large group of friends. That does make me happy.

I think this picture should be captioned "Little Men At Work". I think it is so cute. I love all the little boys surrounded by trucks and shovels. The moment we arrived they all got to work. It was so cute and they all played so nicely together.

Our little blondies also had a great time together.

We were determined to get a group shot of the kids. Finally, we decided to just drop them down in the sand and run out of the way. I think this one came really good!

...and this one just cracks me up. I took about seven of the group shots and most of them are much more like this :)

If you are looking for me next Friday I will absolutely, positively be at the beach! Really. I promise.

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The Fegers said...

I can't believe I didn't look at this 'til now. That's a good title for the little men. Sadly we won't be there this Friday. We're taking somebody we know to an appointment.