Thursday, July 23, 2009

More Summer Fun

Last week (while my parents were in Orlando) I had a spur of the moment pool party at their house. My "go to the beach every Friday" plan hasn't been working out. Last Friday Kirsten had an afternoon swim meet and there were some very dark clouds... this made a pool date seem like a better idea. Corrie and her little cuties joined us and we played until all the kids were cranky and ready for naps :)

My dad likes to call Danny a "mad scientist". He LOVES to pour, fill, and empty his little bowls and pails. He does it for so long and is so content (until Matt steals one of his bowls and throws it across the pool. He does NOT like that.)

Corrie with Malia and Noah

Snack time... a huge hit and the perfect ending to a fun morning in the sun!

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Pres-tone said...

I love how nicely they are sitting waiting for food :)