Thursday, July 16, 2009

I LOVE being 29! (again)

My family is so sweet. I had a wonderful 29th birthday! (Maybe because I've practiced it a few years in a row now ;) Brian got me the greatest chocolate, chocolate cake. Mmmmmm. I got to sleep in, woke up to breakfast, beautiful flowers and gifts, and a packed car! We headed out for family day at the beach, cake at my parents house, and date night at my favorite restaurant. Perfect, perfect day.

What's a girl to wish for when she has such a wonderful family?

(... a housekeeper. I wished for a housekeeper.)


jag said...

Happy birthday! You and that chocolate cake! A girl after my own heart! I remember when you were preggers - COULDN'T GET ENOUGH CAKE! I would mention the cake at Ry's restaurant and your mouth would absolutely water! SO CUTE!

Marcie said...

I know! That is really when my love of chocolate cake began! Before that I could take it or leave I live for it ;) That cake at Ryan's restaurant was AWESOME. We might need to make a trip there soon... mmmmmm