Monday, May 11, 2009

Even if it's Late... It Needs To Be Said

I have the greatest mom ever. EVER. I wish I had posted this yesterday... but I don't think it really matters when I say it... I just need to say it.

I often tell Kirsten "No one will ever love you like your Mommy does." I know this is true. I know in my heart that there it is impossible for anyone to ever love her so unconditionally and so completely. I learned this from my mom.

I remember being very, very young and studying my mother's face. I remember looking at her and thinking I wanted to be JUST like her. Then I spent years driving her crazy (that was my job!) and and taking her for granted. Becoming a mom has helped me appreciate my mom in a whole new way... all the sacrifices she made, all the times I took her for granted. I'll never take her for granted again. She's the person who laughs and cries with me on a regular basis. She's the person I can talk to about my most exciting moments and my greatest fears. She's the person who always knows just what to say.

Who ever knew "You're just like your mother" would be one of the greatest compliments I could hope to achieve...

I love you Mom!

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