Sunday, May 17, 2009

Weekend Fun

I remember when a fun weekend included going out dancing, enjoying a few cocktails, and REALLY enjoying naps and late-morning wake up times. Well, I kind of remember... I remember in that nostalgic way that I'm not really sure if it ever happened, because I can't imagine life was ever that care-free. It wasn't better... it was just very, very, very different... and it must have been a hundred years ago!

This was not one of those weekends! It was a more "typical" weekend for Team Taylor. It included 6 am wake-up times, a complete lack of naps, and the only "partying" we did was at the Science Center!

Danny "helped" Kirsten with her chores.

...There was some horsing around (Doesn't Brian make a great horse?)

Kirsten had a great time with "Animal Adventures" at the Science Center.

She got to celebrate Kalee's 8th birthday! (I swear they were turning 4 YESTERDAY!)

We had a great time at the park. (Although the boys were NOT happy that I failed to bring snacks! ...True Taylor boys!)

As Danny (and Grandpa) would say, "Whoa Baby!"

...The girls enjoyed just hangin' out.

...and I enjoyed my crazy little monkeys.

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nicole_dib said...

Looks like a great weekend! As long as Shane and everyone stays healthy, we need to meet at the park for a playdate!

I will watch for your e-mail about the birthdays!