Thursday, May 7, 2009

Laugh Out Loud

My Matthew is hilarious tonight! When the boys decided to throw puzzle pieces on the floor earlier tonight Brian said, "Guys! That is NOT how we roll!". Matt immediately dropped to the ground and began rolling... a demonstration of how we DO roll.

Just a moment ago (yes, Matt is still up at almost 10:00!) we were watching 'The Office' and thought Matt was just about asleep in Brian's lap. At the end of the episode the YMCA song began playing. Matt climbed off Brian's lap, tapped his finger on his chin saying "Hmmmm...." and then burst into dance. It was so so so funny. I'm sure you had to be there and no one reading this will get just how unbelievably funny this was... but I want to remember my sleepy little peanut planning out his dance moves (which by the way were awesome... we may have a future choreographer on our hands!).

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