Monday, May 18, 2009

My Virtuous Kids

Honesty is a virtue right? (Like patience... that's the one I need to work on!)

My sweet children have their faults... but telling the truth has never been one of them. I remember the day when Kirsten was four and I picked up my adorable, tiny little girl at pre-k. She looked up at me with her huge blue eyes and immediately said "You are NOT going to be happy when you hear about my day!". She was right.

Then there was the time she bit another child. As I listened (horrified) to the teacher explain she couldn't give out details about the situation due to privacy issues Kirsten spoke up. "It was Patrick. I bit Patrick REALLY hard because he tried to push me off the swing."

Danny is quickly following his sister's lead with complete honesty.

While the boys were in the tub this morning I made the mistake of turning my head for a moment to brush my teeth. Matt immediately started screaming. I whipped my head around to see Matt's hair and face SOAKED. Danny held up his little cup stating "Matt wet. Matt wet, me cup. Me cup now (shrug) Matt wet."

The boys also go to bed with water in a bottle each night. (We're working on it! ...Do you sense my guilt that my almost 2 year olds still get bottles? But it's just WATER...) A few minutes after going to bed there is often a scream. 99% of the time when I open the door to their room Matt is crying and Danny holds up the bottle saying "Here Mama! Matt night night here! Here Matt."

Angelic? No. Honest? Yes.

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Pres-tone said...

This is cute, kids are funny.