Sunday, May 24, 2009

Fishy Fun

The Pool Party we planned to go to today was rained out. Darren and Corrie had the great idea to take all the kiddos to the aquarium... unfortunatley so did everyone else in the Tampa Bay area. It was REALLY crowded. We had a really good time visiting the animals and playing in the outdoor water area.

Here are my happy boys!

I think this picture is really funny. Noah does NOT look happy to be dumped in the middle of this photo! I love the rays swimming over their heads in the background.

Danny was SO cute. He had such a good time. He was waving and talking to all the fish and animals. This is the look he had on his face all day... so cute!

Matt is always full of smiles too! He was a little less interested in the fish but could not wait to "play water".

Brian and his boys

A "fishy kissy"!

Kirsten and Malia were WAY too busy to pose for any pictures. They had a great time playing together all day.

Poor Matt and his determination... Matt was SO determined to climb this rope net. I kept trying to distract him and pull him to other areas because I thought it would be too hard for him. Finally Brian said to let him try, that he would go rescue him if he needed too. Well, Matt did not need any help at all. He was shivering and worked SO hard to climb this net. He made it about 80% of the way up when the lifeguards saw lightening and had to close down the water area. Brian had to pull him off the net kicking and screaming. We felt so bad! After working so hard and using so much focus it must have been sooooo frustrating not to finish!

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