Monday, May 25, 2009

My Favorite Holiday

is Memorial Day Observed. It may sound like an odd choice but it's been a very special day to me for many years.

Memorial Day 1999 - 10 Years Ago
In Love

Brian and I were at that magical part of our relationship. We'd known each other for years, we'd been very close friends for almost a year, and dating for several months. Brian went to Orlando the first part of the weekend to visit friends. He came back Sunday night and we planned to spend the day together Monday. I always say that was my "perfect day". We went to the beach, enjoyed perfect weather, and cold drinks. We walked on the beach talking and laughing. That was when I knew. I knew this was the "real thing". I knew I was totally in love. It was perfect.

Memorial Day 2001 - 8 Years Ago

He planned it perfectly. Amazing dinner, great wine, a beautiful ring, and a perfect proposal.

Memorial Day 2002 - 7 Years Ago
The Church Was Booked

... So we spent the day canoeing with a large group of friends. Lots of laughing and looking forward to the big day!

Memorial Day 2003 - 6 Years Ago
Canoeing Again

Same group of friends... not quite as much fun. Apparently the "experienced" river should be left to "experienced" canoers. While it was not my favorite Memorial Day it holds lots of funny memories. I even coined the quote of the day, "I'm dirty and I'm scared." It's much funnier now than it was then.

Memorial Day 2007 - 2 Years Ago

The most special Memorial Day of all! Our beautiful boys were born on our special day... Eight weeks early! I think they knew it was a family holiday and wanted to be a part of it!


nicole_dib said...

What a great holiday for you!!! :)
I didn't realize how many special memories happened on this holiday!! I think the boys must have known!!!

Happy Birthday Matt and Danny!!!!

The Fegers said...

i wanted to go canoeing yesterday but didn't think of it 'til the day before and Steven only wanted to if Andre wanted to (and he didin't.)

we should go this summer, just on a Saturday, like old times. soooo funny about being dirty and scared. i remember that horible trip vividly. it never opened up, all branches and bugs.

i'm loving your blog, so much drama though! best day ever, worst day ever, sheesh!