Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Since It's Not April Anymore...

My Little Sweeties,

I am a bit behind. I have good excuses! Illnesses, Weddings, Communions, and general lack of sleep... what better excuse could there be for being behind on blogging? So, my dear children, there are no April Letters from Mommy... instead I'm just going to make a general list of April 2009 moments/milestones I don't want to forget.


- You were adorably excited about the Easter Bunny. He "woke you up" in the middle of the night and we had no choice but to explore your basket in the darkness

- At an Easter Egg hunt we had pictures taken with the Bunny. After catching a glimpse of his neck and zipper you whispered that this was "NOT a real bunny" but "a human!". You were thoughtful enough to make sure that none of the little kids heard you, but concerned enough to need to discuss it immediately. I explained why the bunny would need helpers, and the benefits of the impersonators and you were satisfied. After all "no human could hide eggs around the whole world in one night!". I love you.

-You are doing really well with your violin lessons and earned a spot in the school's Spring Concert. This is a very big deal.

-You excel in gymnastics. Your new trick is one-handed cartwheel (aerials?) and you somehow convinced Uncle Jeff to do them with you on the beach at Uncle Greg's wedding.

-You danced ALL night at the wedding. ALL night. As I was getting ready to leave I looked up to see you leading the Conga Line. You had a major case of Flower Girl envy, but you handled it like a champ.

-You are becoming a bit of a fussy eater. All of a sudden you demand the crust be cut off of all your sandwiches. I find this both very endearing and very frustrating.

-You began taking a shower before school each morning this month. It seems to make a HUGE difference in your mood in the morning. You are a lot like Daddy in that you could stay in a hot shower for hours!

-You are still amazing with your brothers. You love them so much. You've been teaching them to say their prayers and you still pick them up (which they love!) 100 times a day even though they weigh about 60% of what you weigh each.

-You were precious, and fun, and exhausting this month. I don't think you'll ever be described as an "easy child" but you are often described as "amazing", "charismatic", and "beautiful".

- I love you more than you will ever know.

-You are growing up much too fast! You pretty much forced me into taking your crib apart and are now in a big boy bed. You fall out of our bed regularly and like to knock on the door to your room when you want me to come get you.

-You really enjoyed hunting for eggs this Easter. I couldn't believe how quickly you caught on! By noon on Easter you were taking eggs out of your basket, hiding them around the living room, and then hunting for them. It was really, really cute.

-You still love to jump on the couch and run through the blinds. You often enjoy your moment of naughtiness and then happily put yourself in time out (with a very satisfied look on your face). It seems as if you are thinking "totally worth it".

-You cover your mouth and say "Excuse Me!" in an adorable voice whenever you burp, sneeze, or cough. Cute.

-You love to be tickled and often tickle yourself. Super-cute.

-You love hats, glasses, and props of any kind.

-You love water... at the beach, in the tub... anywhere you can find it.

-Yo love music and are positively obsessed with guitars. You are the cutest, most charming, beautiful child I've ever seen. I love you.

-You have become such a little person this month! You have all these ideas, and such a personality! You are speaking in sentences almost all the time and I love, love, love to hear you talk.

-You love to play "boat" in a laundry basket. You often try to capsize the boat when Matt is in it so you can have it to yourself. (Little stinker)

-You got crazy excited about Grandpa's Birthday Cake. I was surprised you even really knew what it was, but the entire day you were talking about cake and yelling "Yea! Grandpa!! Grandpa! Cake!"

-You enjoy taking baths and hog the faucet. I have to leave the water dripping the entire time you are in there or face your wrath.

-You've become very silly recently and think it is hilarious to joke about biting. You bite your toys and tease them about it "Ha! Bear Bear I bite! I bite you Bear Bear!". You'll also come to me with fake tears, make me kiss your boo boo, and tell me "Bear Bear bite. NO BITE Bear Bear!".

-You refuse to stay in your bed. It's a losing battle. You are in bed with Matt all the time. (It sounds very sweet... and sometime it is... but often you are terrorizing poor Matt... stealing his water, his blankie, his pillow...).

-You love, love, love birds. Seriously you LOVE birds.

-You've come up with some funny expressions recently. You think it's funny when I call you "my baby" but you often hug me saying "Mama... my baby" and positively MELT MY HEART. I love you so.

And so, my sweets, I love you. April 2009 was not an easy month. We were so busy and so exhausted... and we managed to create so many precious memories. I love each of you so much. You are everything to me. Everything.

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