Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today Karma Costs $1

I often look at my children and can't believe they are real. We are SO blessed. Anyone who knows me well knows I cry like a baby at St. Jude's commercials. None of my children were "supposed" to be healthy. Words like "brain bleeds", "underdeveloped lungs", "anxiety disorders", "genetic disorders", "failure to thrive", and "blindness" have forever shaped me as a person and as a mother. I don't know why my family has been so blessed. I don't know how we "dodged the bullets" but I am greatful.

Today this post about this child brought me to tears. $1. A SODA costs more than $1. Can you imagine if your child needed heart surgery and you didn't have the money?? I can imagine it and it makes me cry. So if you'd like some good karma today consider a $1donation.
Bently is another beautiful child I've been reading about for some time now. Bently is getting her new heart today. Her parents are also struggling with medical bills but today they need prayers more than money!


jag said...

Marcie! Thank you for posting this! I just went on to donate and it said they met the goal in three days!

Joining you in that grateful feeling and praying the surgery is a success.

Marcie said...

WOW! I'll have to update... Yesterday when I found the link there was only $847 donated... I think being picked up by "the blogs" must be what did it... That is so amzing... This little boys will LIVE now... Ugh... crying again. Hope the nuggets are getting better!