Saturday, May 30, 2009

Yea for May!

The month of May has a lot of birthdays for Team Taylor. Matt and Danny share their birthday month with both of their Uncles. Today the whole Taylor crew celebrated our May birthdays at Adventure Island (an outdoor water park). Brian and I were a little hesitant when Grandma and Grandpa suggested this. Brian gets very nervous about the boys near water (they love it a little too much! and these boys are fast) and I knew it would entail a lot of planning and packing. Luckily, we decided to be good sports because it was so much fun!

My camera isn't waterproof, so I didn't get to document the whole day... but I did get some nice pictures of our day!

My parents bought the boys really nice, Coast Guard approved life jackets for their birthday. My friend Tiffany, who was a lifeguard for many years, recommended we skip the life jackets. She thought it would impair their ability to learn to swim. After talking to her, I agreed and was about to say "thanks, but no thanks" to my mom's offer. THEN I saw the boys near their pool... and said "what a great gift!" The reality is, some things are different with twins. I would rather be the overprotective, silly mom who makes my kids wear life jackets until they are on the swim team then have to spend the entire summer with knots in my stomach worrying. They were very appreciated today!

The boys really enjoyed more birthday cupcakes!

(Did you notice both those pictures were of Danny? Hehe... they were both so cute I wanted to include them... Sorry Matt, I didn't catch your cupcake experience today!)

Kirsten had an awesome time today! She went on just about every ride at the park! ...AND she got to hang out with Uncle Jeff all day... what could be better?

I've always loved pictures of Brian and Kirsten from behind... He's so big and she's so little... there is something about their image holding hands in front of me that I just adore.

Kirsten also had a lot of fun spending time with Aunt Amber today... She was really cute copying Amber's every move!

We had such a great time! When we were walking across the parking lot to go home Danny said, "Mama, fun. Me fun. Like water fun." ...I couldn't have said it better!

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