Friday, May 22, 2009

The Gold Medal Goes To...

Kirsten Taylor! I guess it's not actually gold... maybe pewter? BUT Kirsten won the first place metal for her gymnastics class!

Here is our little gymnast with her very proud father.

Everyone in the class received a trophy. The medals were reserved for the first, second, and third place gymnasts. (This is not the group that Kirsten is usually in. Her class was rained out tonight. We had the choice of joining another class for Awards night or waiting until next week. Since Brian was off today we joined this class... we didn't want him to miss Kirsten's big moment! Her class is much larger. She has 27 children ages 6-11 in her class... first place was QUITE an accomplishment!)

Kirsten's friend Johnna was the third place medal winner. I love how thrilled the girls look in this picture.

After the award ceremony Brian took the twins home to relax (they worked very hard trying to escape our grasps and get onto the gymnastics mats to join the big kids!). Johnna and her mom invited Kirsten and I for an ice cream celebration!

My girl is an super student, a great girl scout, a marvelous musician, and a great gymnast! Who has time to sleep?


Pres-tone said...

Awesome job K.Grace! Was that ice cream at Ali Oops? Where does she take gym?

Marcie said...

Yes it's Ali Oops but it's called something different now... Farm Fresh (?) or something... She does the city league at the Shore Acres Rec Center. She did Tampa Bay Turners for years... but as they progress it gets very expensive and they have to go 3 nights a week. I just can't do that with the twins right now... and she likes having a variety of activities so the city is perfect!

It's cheap, low stress, fun, and they learn a lot! You might want to look into it for Allison at some point!